Use your smart phone or computer to transfer funds instantly to any Abilene Teachers FCU member. Here's a step by step process for how it works in our mobile apps. Instructions for using your computer are found at the bottom of the page. 

These instructions look harder than they actually are.  Obtain the needed information before you get started and it won't take long at all to complete the transaction.

  1. After logging in, tap the TRANSFER icon in the bottom menu
  2. On the resulting screen (see figure 1 below), tap the FROM field. A list of your eligible accounts will appear. Tap the one you wish to use to make the transfer.
  3. To select the recipient, tap the TO field. A list of existing recipients will appear. Choose the one you're sending money to.
  4. To add a new recipient:
    1. Scroll to the bottom of your list of recipients (see figure 2 below) and tap the ADD A RECIPIENT option
    2. Enter the required information (see figure 3 below)
      1. You'll know that last three characters of the recipient's last name
      2. Obtain the recipient's member number
      3. The Account Types are in credit union language. Regular Share = Savings; Share Draft = Checking; Loans are specified by type.
      4. Obtain the account suffix from the recipient. It can be found in two places
        1. In the mobile apps, the suffix is found next to the account name on the Accounts page. It is the number to the right of the dash. (see Figure 4 below)
        2. In online banking, the suffix is found on the My Accounts section of the landing page. It is the number to the right of the dash. (see Figure 5 below)
  5. You'll be returned to the Transfers screen. In the AMOUNT field, enter the amount of the transfer.
  6. Verify your entries and tap the TRANSFER button to complete the transfer.

To make a member to member transfer on your computer, login to online banking and click the MOVE MONEY heading at the top of the page. Click on the menu option that reads SEND MONEY TO A MEMBER. Follow the steps above, substituting 'click' for 'tap'. When all information has been input, click the MAKE TRANSFER button to complete the transaction.


First transfer screen          

             Figure 1                                             Figure 2                                      Figure 3



              Figure 4                                                      Figure 5