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Phone Scams - Active

March 12, 2024 – Fraudsters are sending group texts asking you to verify a large purchase.  Don’t do so!  Please contact our Fraud Team if you have concerns.  Here’s what the text looks like:

Example of fraudulent text message

Phone Scams - Ongoing

Phone fraudsters are calling Abilenians and identifying themselves as members of the ATFCU Fraud Team (or some similar name).  They use scamming software to make it appear that the calls come from our main phone number, 325-677-2274. If you answer, you are told that a suspicious transaction has been charged to your card and that the credit union is investigating.  The caller then asks for the last 8 numbers on your debit card and may request your online banking credentials.  These callers are both  male and female and they call repeatedly until you answer.  Some have foreign accents; some do not.  Some have a polished manner; others sound sketchy.

Please do not ever provide any of this type information to someone who calls you.  ATFCU staff members will never make this type of call because we use highly secure techniques to guard your financial identity – we do not need to request details.

If you have recently provided this type information to a phone caller, please contact our Security department as soon as possible.  They can be reached at 325-677-2274 or 800-677-6770.

Debit Cards Are Mobile Wallet Friendly

ATFCU debit cards are now compatible with Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Google Pay.  Add your card to your digital wallet and pay with your phone anywhere contact-free payments are available.  Not sure what this all means?  You’ll find step by step instructions in the How To section of our blog.  Tap and go convenience has arrived!

2024 Board Selection

The 2024 Board selection process is underway.  The Notice of Candidates form can be viewed here and was also included in December statement envelopes.  Any questions about the election should be directed to the ATFCU Secretary, PO Box 5706, Abilene, TX  79608.

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