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Coverdell Education Savings Accounts

Save for a loved one’s education

Give your child or grandchild a head start

Coverdell accounts are not just for college costs. They can be used for a variety of educational purposes in grades K-12.

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Parents, grandparents and other relatives can contribute as long as the total annual contribution per child doesn’t exceed $2,000.

Earnings on and withdrawals from a Coverdell ESA are tax free if used for educational purposes. However, contributions to Coverdell accounts are not tax-deductible.

A Coverdell account at ATFCU can be opened with a $100 deposit.  Going forward, a $100 minimum balance keeps the account active.


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How can funds from a Coverdell account be used?

  • College tuition
  • Private school tuition for grades K-12
  • Books
  • Educational supplies and equipment
  • Computer equipment if it is used primarily by the account beneficiary
  • Academic tutoring

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Coverdell Savings FAQs

Yes, but each beneficiary can only receive a total of $2,000 per year no matter how many accounts are opened for them.

Yes. Single taxpayers must have an adjusted gross income of $95,000 or less in order to contribute. The level is $190,000 for those filing jointly.

No, there are significant differences. Please refer to the chart found on our College Financing page to view them.

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