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Board of Directors

The volunteer Board of Directors is the governing body of the credit union, meeting monthly to oversee credit union policy, finances, planning and delivery of services. They are dedicated to the financial well being of our members and the strength of this cooperative organization.

Royce Curtis photo

Royce Curtis

Chairman of the Board

Mr. Curtis was associated with AISD for many years and is best known for his 14 years as Principal of Abilene High School.  He is now a community volunteer with a particular interest in health and wellness.  Mr. Curtis has served on the Board since 2011.

Keith Dowell photo

Keith Dowell

Vice Chairman

Mr. Dowell spent the last 32 years of his career with AISD in the Finance office. Before retiring in 2014, he served as the Executive Director for Business and Finance for 12 years. Many may remember him as the “money guy” who handed out Convocation door prizes. Since retiring, he continues to work half-time in the Finance office and is able to enjoy more time with his wife and family. Mr. Dowell has served on the Board since 2013.

Emily Meador photo

Emily Meador

Board Treasurer

Mrs. Meador is an Abilene native who never left. She was an AISD educator for 32 years and is feeling the need to start teaching again. She is currently serving as a math interventionist for AISD. Mrs. Meador has served on the Board since 2010.  Fun fact: our very own Community Relations Specialist, Elizabeth Gray, was one of Emily’s student teachers back in 2004.

Chris Faehnle photo

Chris Faehnle

Board Secretary

Mrs. Faehnle spent 17 years as a 7th grade teacher in AISD and 8 years as a Reading Consultant at Region 14 Education Service Center.  Retirement finds her volunteering with Meals on Wheels, her church food pantry and several nonprofit boards.

Headshot of Terry Bull

Terry Bull

Board Member

Mr. Bull spent his entire teaching and administrative career in AISD. Following retirement he serves on educational and community service boards, while enjoying family, food and travel. Mr. Bull has served on the Abilene Teachers FCU Board since 2020.  And what a year that was!

Ronnie Kincaid photo

Ronnie Kincaid

Board Member

Mr. Kincaid retired from public school education after serving 43 years in various capacities including teacher, principal, superintendent and as Region 14 Education Service Center Executive Director. He currently serves as an Educational Consultant specializing in strategic and long-range fiscal planning. He has served on the Board since 2018.

Jay Lester photo

Jay Lester

Board Member

Mr. Lester is the Executive Director of Fine Arts in AISD.  He reports he can play the trombone, trumpet, and bass well enough for public performances and a variety of other instruments privately.  Mr. Lester has been on the Abilene Teachers FCU Board since 2017.

Karen Munoz photo

Karen Munoz

Board Member

Dr. Munoz is the Executive Director for Innovation and Program Development for Abilene ISD. In the past 30 years of education, she has served at all levels, from pre-kindergarten to high school. Karen was the principal at Ortiz Elementary and Cooper High School. She also enjoys singing and serving in different areas of her church and community. Karen has served on the Board since 2022.

Rob Tucker photo

Rob Tucker

Board Member

Dr. Tucker is the Dean of the Kelley College of Business and Professional Studies at Hardin-Simmons University. He also owns Abilene Acquisitions & Valuations. With a doctorate in Fine Arts and Business Administration, Rob wears two hats in the community: business leader and music performer. He is married with three boys, two daughters-in-law, and one granddaughter. He enjoys reading, fishing, running, and watching crime dramas. Rob has served on the Board since 2021.

James Boyd photo

James L. Boyd


Mr. Boyd started working for Abilene Teachers in 1984 and became President in 1992.  He is a VERY proud Longhorn and is an avid history nerd.  James also serves as President of the Cornerstone Credit Union League, an industry organization that represents credit unions in Texas, Oklahoma and Arkansas.

Why We’re Different

Yes, credit unions and banks both handle money and make loans. Look closer, though, and you’ll see meaningful differences.

  • Ownership


  • Where do profits go?

    Where do profits go?

  • Types of products offered

    Types of products offered

  • Financial advocacy

    Financial advocacy

  • Board of Directors

    Board of Directors

  • Pay Structure for Board

    Pay Structure for Board

  • Federal Account Insurance

    Federal Account Insurance

Abilene Teachers Federal Credit Union

  • Ownership

    Owned by members

  • Where do profits go?

    Back to the members or to the community

  • Types of products offered

    Those that meet the needs of the members

  • Financial advocacy

    Advocate for members and their families

  • Board of Directors

    Elected by membership

  • Pay Structure for Board

    Unpaid volunteers

  • Federal Account Insurance

    Up to $250,000 by NCUA

Banks (the other guys)

  • Ownership

    Owned by shareholders

  • Where do profits go?


  • Types of products offered

    Those that maximize profits

  • Financial advocacy

    Advocate for shareholders

  • Board of Directors

    Elected by shareholders

  • Pay Structure for Board

    Paid shareholders

  • Federal Account Insurance

    Up to $250,000 by FDIC

Built by your family, friends and neighbors

On March 3, 1950 a small group of AISD educators signed a charter to operate a cooperative financial institution known as Abilene Teachers Federal Credit Union. Our first office was a desk drawer in the shop class of Central Elementary School.

To set the context, look at what else was happening that day in Abilene:

  • The population was 45,570
  • An extreme drought was in progress (read about it in Elmer Kelton’s book – The Time it Never Rained)
  • The Abilene Blue Sox, affiliates of the Brooklyn Dodgers, were practicing at Fair Park (now Rose Park), just a few feet from the Abilene Zoo.
  • The Cold War was well underway, foreshadowing the Korean Conflict that would begin in June
  • Abilene High (the only high school in town) was laying the groundwork for the Texas football Team of the Century

While the setting was different, Abilenians of the 50’s and west Texans today are looking for the same thing – an alternative to profit motivated banks.

Over the years, the ATFCU field of membership has been amended several times. At the dawn of the 21st century, it was enlarged to include all residents of Taylor and Callahan Counties. Our reputation for personalized service and fair dealing continues to draw many new friends to our doors.

Our future is bright and we thank our 53,000+ friends and neighbors who trust us with their financial needs. We look forward to serving you with personal attention and forward-thinking technology.

Headshot of April Santiago

I became a member of the credit union when my husband and I joined accounts.  I came from a large corporate bank, and the difference was a breath of fresh air!  I’ve always felt welcomed and “a part of the family” when I complete transactions at the credit union.  The credit union has helped us through every day transactions, fraudulent transactions, auto loans, and personal loan advice.  I always advise people to go to Abilene Teachers!

April S., member since 2011

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