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Finish the paperwork and you'll finish the job

Choose the form you need

  • Address Change

    Please contact us during business hours and we will send you a secure electronic form for this purpose.  Alternately, you can complete the form at any of our branch locations.

  • Name Change

    When your name has been legally changed, reduce confusion by updating all your accounts. Print, complete and return the Name Change form.

  • Budget Template

    The first step towards achieving your financial goals is building a budget. Use our detailed Budget Planning form to get your thoughts organized.

  • Extended Overdraft Protection

    We need your permission and signature to enroll you in our Overdraft Coverage program. Please print the Overdraft Protection Election form; select your choices, sign and return to us.


What’s in a name?

Exactly correct names are essential in the financial world.

Names are legally changed due to marriage, divorce or other circumstances. To minimize confusion throughout the financial universe, please update your accounts when a change occurs.

We need legal documentation (marriage license, divorce decree, etc.) and state issued identification (driver’s license or alternative state ID card) in order to complete the update(s).

To protect your security, we do not accept name changes over the phone.

My Name has Changed 

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Return your completed form to us

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Abilene Teachers Federal Credit Union
P.O. Box 5706
Abilene, TX 79608

By fax



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