On January 24, 2018, FinanceWorks was upgraded to a more powerful program named MX Money Management. Your most recent 18 months of transaction history was migrated from FinanceWorks to MX. If you had been enrolled in FinanceWorks for less than 18 months, all of your enrolled transactions were migrated.

For security and programming reasons, the following information was not transferred to MX.

  1. Outside account login credentials (You'll need to re-enter those to access outside accounts.)
  2. Transaction categories (MX offers considerably improved auto categorization. You can override as needed.)
  3. Current budgets (MX will auto-create a beginning budget based on current spending.)
  4. Current alerts (Please reset alerts in MX.)
  5. Current goals (Several different goal setting tools are available in MX.)

MX puts money management at your fingertips - and your financial goals within reach. It's free, it's intuitive, and it can make a difference in your family's financial life.

MX Money Management is available for desktops, laptops, and in our mobile app. To get started on your computer, log in to online banking and select the MX Money Management block in the left hand column. In the app, you'll find MX under the 'More' icon in the Special Services section. In all cases, follow the prompts to register and retrieve information from outside accounts.

MX is more than another personal financial management program. Here are a few of the available tools.
  • An intuitive interface presents information in a clear format that will encourage you to set actionable, realistic goals.
  • Import outside accounts and give yourself the ability to see your entire financial status on a single page.
  • Take control of your finances by learning exactly when and where your money is going.
  • A debt management tool allows you to manage a payment plan, project debt payoff dates, and prioritize the payment of certain debts.

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