For many people, shopping for a new car is a pleasure until it's time to get down to the business details, like negotiating and arranging the financing. By then, you've taken a test drive, played with the electronic gadgets, and envisioned yourself in a new ride. You're happy - perhaps a bit relieved when the dealer takes care of the financing and hands you the keys.

In a few weeks, after the excitement wears off a bit, you may realize that the dealer-arranged loan isn't so great; the interest rate is higher than you expected and it's squeezing your monthly budget. It may be time to consider a refinance.

An auto loan refinance can possibly reduce your interest, monthly payment, or both. At Abilene Teachers FCU, there are no application fees or pre-payment penalties. Plus we offer that great Skip-A-Payment option each holiday season. We can just about guarantee that your current lender doesn't offer that possibility!

To see if a refinance makes sense in your situation, talk to a representative of Abilene Teachers Federal Credit Union. Stop by a branch or give us a call at 325-677-2274 or 800-677-6770. For those who prefer, the entire refinance process, including signature(s) can be conducted online. Here's the information needed to evaluate the usefulness of a refinance.

  • Current lender information including full address and telephone number.
  • Your account number with your current lender.
  • The current balance of your loan. This figure is often referred to as the payoff amount.
  • Make, model, year, and trim level of the vehicle being financed. Example - 2016 Chevy Tahoe LT.
  • Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) of the vehicle being financed.
  • Depending upon the situation, we may need to verify your income.

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