Life happens - we know.  If you've ever worried about not having enough money in your account for an unexpected expense, we've got you covered.  There are several types of overdraft coverage at ATFCU that can help prevent insufficient funds charges to your checking account. Consider the four options shown below to cover overdrafts and choose the solution(s) that best meet your needs.

Emergencies aside, the best way to avoid overdrawing your account is by keeping a close eye on the balance by using digital banking on your phone, tablet or computer. If you'd like to be more intentional about budgeting, we have a couple of recommendations.

Overdraft Transfer

If there is not enough money in your checking account to pay a check or a debit card transaction, money will be automatically shifted from your savings account to your checking account. There is no fee for this convenient service. Contact a Member Services representative to complete the paperwork.

Personal Line of Credit

This is a pre-approved loan that gives you the ability to borrow money when you need it, and pay interest only on the amount actually used. It can be used for overdraft protection. You'll find more information on our Personal Loans page.  Please note that personal lines of credit are subject to credit approval.

Overdraft Privilege - Standard Coverage

Overdraft Privilege allows you to overdraw your account up to a $600 maximum. It can be used for checks and automated, recurring drafts. Here are points to keep in mind.

  • A $25 fee will be assessed for each overdraft
  • Total overdrafts (including fee amount(s) cannot exceed $600
  • You have 32 days to bring the account back to positive status
  • Credit approval is not required

Abilene Teachers may extend Overdraft Privilege to new checking accounts that have been in good standing for 35 days. You will receive a letter confirming your enrollment.Even if you have overdraft transfer or a personal line of credit, Overdraft Privilege is still available as secondary coverage if the other overdraft sources are exhausted.

Overdraft Privilege - Extended Coverage

Extended Coverage extends overdraft privilege to cover overdrafts caused by ATM withdrawals and every day debit card transactions. These categories are included in addition to checks and recurring drafts that are already covered by standard overdraft privilege.  Members must actively opt in to add extended coverage.  To complete that process

  • Call the credit union at 677-2274 or 800-677-6770 and give verbal consent
  • Complete the consent form at an ATFCU branch
  • Pick up a consent form and mail it back to us at PO Box 5706, Abilene, TX 79608
  • Print the online consent form, sign it and return it by mail or in person

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