Spending Less

Clothes lined up on store rack

How is it that, whenever you need new clothes, they’re at their most expensive? Of course it’s not sale season when you’re desperately in need of an all-new summer wardrobe because you just experienced a random growth spurt and none of your clothes fit you anymore. Or maybe that diet finally worked out and now all your clothes are too big. Whatever the case may be, there are still easy ways to save or make money for all your new needs.

First, always check online promotional websites for coupon codes. Sites like RetailMeNot.com often have great discounts and can help you save. If you’re shopping online, just copy the promo code. If you’re going to the store, use the print coupon option. Stores also often have text/email-signups that offer 10-15% off your first purchase if you subscribe to their list. Make sure to find the best offer and go save!

Another great way for building up your clothes budget is to hold a yard sale. This is a great time to get rid of all that junk that’s wasting away in your house and to make a buck off it! Yard sales can be enjoyable to do with friends or with family and they’re sometimes highly profitable. You’d be surprised at how much value your neighbor will find in your random scraps, and how much they’re willing to pay for something you were just going to chuck into the garbage.

Lastly, go to outlet malls or resale shops. Though they may not be having a sale, they are definitely cheaper than the regular stores. They have great quality things, and can often have the same items that are sold in the retail store for much less!

Whatever you choose to do, you’ll definitely be closer to spending less and saving more!

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