It’s always a good time to begin saving. Get your children started early to learn the basics of money management.

  • Open with a $5 deposit
  • No monthly service charge
  • Dividends earned at current ATFCU rates

Savings Safari Club

  • For our members aged 3 to 12
  • At account opening, your child will receive a membership card, passbook, activity booklet and savings bank
  • For each $5 saved, a Safari Buck is awarded. Safari Bucks can be redeemed for small premium items at our lobby locations
  • A end-of-school event is held each summer for Savings Safari members

Texas Uniform Gift to Minors (TUTMA)

A TUTMA account is a savings account set up for a minor by a member older than 21 who serves as the account custodian. The custodian retains full control of the account until the minor turns 21.

Skills 4 Life Teen Membership

  • Guarantees eligibility for ATFCU’s Scholarship Program
  • Teens are eligible to open a checking account at age 15. (Co-signer needed until age 18)
  • Instant issue debit card available at age 15
  • A good way to begin to build a credit history. With a co-signer, teens aged 16+ can apply for loans and/or low limit credit cards.

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