4 Ways to Bring Your Kitchen to Life

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Last week I talked about how we have started updating our house.  Which room did we start with? THE KITCHEN!! The kitchen seems to be the heart of your home. It’s the one place we sit down together to eat and have conversation and mine drove me crazy!! I cannot begin to tell you how excited I am about my kitchen update. I have seen some kitchen remodels that are great but ours is just an update. We are not moving any walls, changing out cabinets or anything that dramatic. We are, however, painting EVERYTHING, getting new hardware, new backsplash, new countertops, new appliances (that match and aren’t missing pieces), new lighting and new floors. Now this is not a cheap endeavor but it also is not as expensive as it could be. We have a budget that we are sticking to (even though it is hard sometimes), we are keeping our current cabinets and just giving them a facelift, we are getting a new sink (that isn’t stained all to heck) and new faucet, and most excitedly we are getting new quartz countertops! My current countertops are big ceramic tile with ugly grout between each one.  No matter how much I try to clean it, it NEVER looks clean. So now I will have CLEAN, WHITE, ONE SOLID PIECE countertops.

If you are thinking about refreshing the look of your kitchen and, like me, you don’t have an unlimited amount of money to spend on it, take a look at these money saving tips to make your dream kitchen come true. A kitchen remodel or makeover not only adds value to your home, it will almost feel like you’ve got a new home.

Here’s 4 ways to bring your dream kitchen to life:

1. Know your budget

First, sit down and crunch some numbers.

With $5,000, you can spring for a fresh coat of paint, replace faucets, pick up a new light fixture and spruce up the area with some modern accessories.

With $15,000, you can also buy a new appliance or two, replace your countertops and install new, budget-friendly cabinets.

If you’re planning on spending more, you might be able to redo your entire kitchen. When determining how much to spend, remember that recently remodeled kitchens return between 80 and 105% of their cost when a home is sold.

2. Choose your cabinets

These are your cabinet options:

  • Cabinets with wood panels and solid wood frames are sturdy, budget-friendly and fashionable.
  • Porcelain-tile cabinets are a fantastic new option that look almost exactly like wood for half the price.
  • Laminate is your cheapest option for cabinets. It’s durable, easy to clean and comes in a variety of colors and patterns.
  • Refinish the outside of your cabinets instead of replacing them for a new look that doesn’t bust your budget.

3. Make a splash

Replacing your sink’s faucet, bowl or hardware can modernize your kitchen without costing much.

Brushed nickel is the most popular choice for faucets right now, largely due to its durability. The least expensive faucet finish is chrome, while brass is another long-lasting, economical choice.

If you’re replacing your sink’s bowl as well, there are three main styles to consider:

  • Farmhouse bowls are super-large and deep. On the flip side, their large size means they often require a customized base cabinet for installation.
  • Top-mount bowls have a “drop-in” rim that keeps the sink in place. This makes installation simple, but creates a prime place for dirt to gather.
  • Undermount sinks are trendy and look sleek, but can take double the installation time.

4. Choose your countertops

The trending countertop choices are granite, quartz and stone. These materials are beautiful, easy to maintain and can last for years. If you need something more budget-friendly, you might want to go with ceramic tile. It’s durable, comes in almost any imaginable color, and is a fraction of the price of stone.

Another great option is laminate. It’s easy to install and is also available in many patterns and colors. Lastly, consider going with solid wood. You can have it sanded and treated to give it an extra long life, and it will give your kitchen a warm finish.

Longing for an upgrade and short on savings or cashflow? You can still have your dream kitchen. Call, click, or stop by Abilene Teachers FCU today to learn about our Personal Loans or Home Equity Loans.

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