The old saying that Knowledge is Power definitely applies in the vehicle purchasing situation. Use the links below to become informed prior to negotiating.

Kelley Blue Book
NADA Guides
Edmunds Guide

Tips for Dealer Negotiating

  • Buy on the last two days of the month.
  • Window shop on the days that dealers are closed. Never impulse buy.
  • Work the deal on the purchase price only. Then bring up any trade you may have.
  • Work on the bottom line, NOT the payments.
  • Have your loan pre-authorized at the credit union. Our loan officers will advise you of the amount you qualify for and help you avoid unnecessary dealer add-ons.

Tips for Used Car Buyers

  • Check for oil spots under the vehicle after running.
  • Check tread on tires for uneven wear and decent tread depth.
  • Make sure all door, hood and opening joints line up evenly.
  • When accelerating, look for smoke in the rear view mirror.
  • Drive at a speed which will allow you to shift into overdrive.
  • If oil is dark black and thick, chances are the vehicle has not been maintained properly.
  • Never buy a car without an inspection sticker.
  • If buying from a dealer, insist upon getting the CAR FAX report.
  • If buying from an individual, check the CAR FAX report yourself. You can check five VIN numbers for $49.99 which is a small investment.

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