Can I choose more than one overdraft program?

Yes. In those cases, overdrafts would be covered first by automatic transfer, second by the Personal Line of Credit (if one exists), and lastly by Courtesy Pay.

How does Courtesy Pay work?

Instead of returning a check or declining a debit transaction, ATFCU may pay the amount, saving you inconvenience and embarrassment. Each time the service is used, your account will be charged a $25 overdraft fee and you will be notified in writing. Should the maximum overdraft amount of $600 be reached, further transactions will be returned unpaid

What does Courtesy Pay cost?

There is no charge for Courtesy Pay unless you need to use it. Please realize that you will be charged a $25 overdraft fee for every transaction paid under Courtesy Pay. .

How long do I have to repay Courtesy Pay?

Your account must return to a positive balance at least once every 30 days. Courtesy Pay will be removed from accounts that are not handled in a responsible manner.

How do I enroll in Courtesy Pay?

We will notify you in writing when your account is eligible. Sign and return the form to us.

How do I opt out of Courtesy Pay?

You will make an initial election at account opening.  If you change your mind at a later date, please contact our Accounting Department.