What is the daily limit for cash withdrawals at an ATM?


Other than the daily ATM cash limit, is there a daily limit on debit card use?

There is no limit as long as you have funds to cover your transactions.

Can I use my debit card when traveling?

Certainly – anywhere VISA is accepted. We recommend that you give us a call prior to beginning your travels so that we can put a travel advisory on your account.

How do I report a lost debit card?

During regular business hours, the best method is to contact us at 325-677-2274 or 800-677-6770. During non business hours, please call 1-866-664-9364.

Is there a fee to replace a debit card?

Debit cards are automatically replaced at no charge every two years. If you need to replace one sooner, there is a $5 fee.

How long does it take a debit card transaction or refund to post to my checking account?

This is completely dependent on how often a merchant submits their files to the financial Automated Clearing House (ACH). The time frame can vary from a few moments to several days.