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Resource Center

Resource Center

Vehicle Research

It always helps to know as much as you can about a vehicle before showing up at the showroom. The old saying that "Knowledge is Power" certainly applies in this situation.

New vehicle buyers - Check the websites to research invoice price, MSRP and options on vehicles which interest you.

Used vehicle buyers - Obtain pricing guidelines for used cars and trucks and check out vehicle history.

Kelley Blue Book
NADA Guides
Edmunds Guide

Tips for Dealer Negotiating

  • Unless you have excellent credit history and are considered a "well qualified buyer", you should grab the rebate and run to the credit union for financing
  • Work on the bottom line, NOT the payments.
  • Window shop on the days that dealers are closed. Never impulse buy.
  • Budget your purchase first; then go into the dealer.
  • Work the deal on the purchase price only. Then bring up any trade you may have.
  • Buy on the last two days of the month.

Tips for Used Car Buyers

  • Check for oil spots under the vehicle after running.
  • Check tread on tires for uneven wear and decent tread depth.
  • Make sure all door, hood and opening joints line up evenly.
  • When accelerating, look for smoke in the rear view mirror.
  • Drive at a speed which will allow you to shift into overdrive.
  • If oil is dark black and thick, chances are the vehicle has not been maintained properly.
  • Never buy a car without an inspection sticker.
  • If buying from a dealer, insist upon getting the CAR FAX report.
  • If buying from an individual, check the CAR FAX report yourself at You can check five VIN numbers for $44.99 which is a small investment, given the cost of purchasing and maintaining a vehicle.
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