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Checking and Savings

Checking & Savings

Savings Safari Childrens Accounts

It's never too early to teach your children to save and we have a fun way to introduce them to the basics of money management. Savings Safari accounts can be opened with a minimum $5 deposit and are available to children aged 3-12. We do not charge a monthly service fee to our youngest members.  (Or any of our members to be exact!)

Each child opening a Savings Safari account will receive a membership card, activity booklet, passbook and savings bank. For each $5 saved, the child will receive a 'Safari Buck'. Small premiums are available for redemption at different Safari Buck levels.

Savings Safari members qualify for a door prize drawing on Savings Safari Day which is held after the completion of each school year.  Members also receive a birthday card each year from their Savings Safari pals.

When opening an account for a child, please remember to bring his/her Social Security card. (A clear copy of the card is also acceptable.) Your child will also need to be able to print his/her name on a signature card.


Texas Uniform Transfer to Minors Account (TUTMA)

A TUTMA account is a savings account set up for a minor by someone older than 21 who serves as the account custodian. The custodian retains full control of the account until the minor turns 21.

Parents, this is a great way for you to help your child save while you remain the authorized signer. Once they turn 21, the account becomes their responsibility. A TUTMA account allows your child to become financially aware of how savings can grow while you monitor their progress.

TUTMA accounts earn interest at current ATFCU rates and there is no monthly service charge. A $5 deposit will get the account started. Please bring the minor's social security card (or a clear copy) for account opening.

Special Note to New Parents and Grandparents When a TUTMA account is opened for a child aged 0-2, ATFCU will present a one-year $10 CD to the named child. A highly competitive APR is offered and at maturity the proceeds of the CD will be placed in the TUTMA account. (The CD cannot be redeemed prior to maturity.)


Skills for Life Teen Accounts

As teens gain greater financial independence ATFCU offers accounts that will assist them to make financially responsible decisions.

Savings Accounts earn interest at current ATFCU rates and are for teens aged 13-19. There is no minimum balance requirement or monthly service fee. A savings account can be opened with a $5 opening deposit.

Teen Checking Accounts are designed for teens 15 years or older with a valid driver's license or learner's permit. A legal owner (co-signer) is required on the account until the teen reaches age 18. The following features are offered:

  • No minimum balance requirement
  • No monthly service charge
  • Free instant issue VISA debit card when the teen reaches age 16
  • Free checks
  • Interest earned at current ATFCU rates
  • $25 opening deposit

Loans for Teens - In order to begin builing credit history, teens and their parents may wish to consider two loan options. With credit approval, vehicle loans and low limit credit cards are available to teens aged 16 and over with an approved co-signer.


Coverdell Education Savings Accounts

A Coverdell ESA is a convenient way to save for your child's or grandchild's education. It is set up similar to an IRA and features tax free withdrawals if used for qualified expenses. These expenses include tuition (any grade level), room and board, books, supplies, uniforms and computer-related equipment.

More detailed information about Coverdell ESA's can be obtained from brochures in the ATFCU lobbies or from a Member Services Representative.


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